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How it works

giv is a beautifully simple FREE tool & shopping space that helps organise all your favourite websites & shops,
but guess what...it also giv's to good causes around the world that you care about.


You shop with your
favourite online retailers
through the GIV dashboard.

The retailer pays a % of your
total spend back to GIV,
at no extra cost to you.

GIV donates 70% to good
causes that you care about,
and that you choose.

, personalise your giv dashboard, do what you do online, and make a significant impact on the world without ever having to spend a penny on donations.

Join a community of giv'rs and start having your say on our future.

It's completely free.

Shopping online will now giv you a feel-good feeling in more ways than one.

Every time you shop trough your giv dashboard, you automatically generate kind money for the good causes you care about.

Drive positive social change every time you shop with giv.

Now you can choose what you want to see online.

The internet has become overloaded with stuff that wastes your time.

giv helps you hone in on the things that are really important to you.

Join an oasis of cosmos in the chaos of online content. Organise your internet.

We giv you ability to change your life online - and change the world.

A small change can make a big difference.

and get the power to shape the future.

good causes

We giv to hundreds of good causes around the world. As a member, you pay nothing to donate.
70% of all our revenue goes to good causes, 30% goes to making giv even more amazing.






art & culture




health & medical


THE SHOPS, giv'ng made free

You can make a difference in the world, but it doesn't have to cost you to donate.

Every time you shop through the giv dashboard, we giv a percentage of your total spend to good causes you choose.

giv has partnerships with all your favourite shops. Therefore, we can giv back to local and global communities through something called 'affiliate marketing'.

Basically, this means that the online retailers you shop through, have agreed to giv a percentage of your total spend back to us.
This is a common practise which happens all over the internet every single day - often without you knowing about it.

However, at giv, we don't want to keep this money. Instead we want to turn it into kind money by giv'ng it back to the good causes you care about.
We need to invest 30% of our net revenue in running your dashboard and developing the giv project. The remaining 70% of our net revenue is donated to the good causes you choose. giv is not a charity, but a profit-for-good social enterprise.

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